Breath Meditation

With meditation attaining a lot of popularity these days, many people have expressed their curiosity to learn this unique form of art. This begins the training in mindfulness, or in cultivating heightened consciousness and awareness. The “Five R” Method of St. Theresa of Avila, which includes: Ready, Read, Reflect, Respond and Resolve is a five step path to complete concentration while meditating on the Lord.

I need to find that something or someone to support me and assure me that I am not alone and I can rely on things being taken care of so the burden of responsibility is shared. Then once relaxed concentrate on your breathing, you will find that this helps. Like a tour guide, it opens up inner vistas that remain invisible when my awareness remains on a surface ordinary level cluttered with internal mental chatter.

This is the only way to learn meditation and get benefited from it. I am still not able to control my habit of skipping into daydreams incessantly. I use variations of traditional meditation to make meditation more fun and more effective for me, you can learn these too, if you like.

The Quantum Ocean, Mind of God responds to our thoughts. He doesn’t touch anything or anybody in a sense whether it feels pleasant or unpleasant, since who lives without a control in his touch; desires, regret, grief and other ill tendencies arise within him.

Once the rhythm takes over, I slowly stop focusing and slide over to nothingness. Meditation calms the mind and relaxes the body dissolving built up tension and anxiety the body stores. Learning to meditate takes patience, just like learning anything. When thoughts and answers flow in to your mind, notice them and then bring your attention back to everything you’re seeing.