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Ways to improve your Homes Front Door Security

The front door is what the intruders usually use to gain entry to your home. Burglaries know the lowest point of entry to your home and they not even try to use the other means of entry to your home. This is the best way to get to the house. It is therefore essential to make it impossible to access your house through the front door for the intruder. Ensure they do not gain entry. There are few things you ought to add to your door as you will see later in this article to prevent the thieves from getting in.

A solid door ought to be the first thing. The doors that you get to have especially on the exterior should be kicked proof. A solid wood door should be a good option. The other better option that you invest in could be the solid wood core. Fiberglass and metal are the other materials that you can use. There are many benefits that you get to have through this. You need to have a reinforcement through a lock block. The door can thus be healthy and avoid bending. Thieves use the car jack for gain entry through the metal doors. The sturdiest option is, however, the door with reinforced steel.

Have you tried the beautiful door windows? The allow filtered light into the home entry. However, did you know that they are a security risk? Avoid the windows to eliminate the threat of security. To gain entry; the thieves will smash the windows. An entry to the house is easier and faster through the door windows. The distance from the window to the lock is not long. Further reinforcement to the windows is significant is you still want to go through this method to enhance your security. Additional bars and metal reinforcement could work very well for you, or you can choose the reinforced glass.

Another additional you put on the door is the deadbolt. The strength of the door is normally compared to the lock. Where the frame doesnt hold tight to the door; it could be vulnerable to fall through a single kick. Go for the best high quality deadbolt, not the enticing cheap ones.

You dont want to have the door frames lagging. The frame and the door jamb offer variety to the door security. A reinforcement is required to make the door jamb stronger. A galvanised steel is a stronger option to act as a strong reinforcement.

The sliding doors require close attention. Sliding glass door are often great invitations to the burglars. They are very sensitive and easy to break in too. There is a lot you need to do to secure these kinds of doors. Ensure they have a reinforcement to prevent glass breakage.

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