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How to Live a Fulfilling Life Even With Traumatic Brain Injury

Our brain is responsible for controlling our Thoughts, feelings, speech memories an even actions. Brain allows us to express our thoughts and emotions which makes human unique among all. But, What if our brain can no longer perform properly? Some unfortunate events can harm the brain such as car accidents, motorcycle crashes, sports injuries, assault and the likes. It could result to traumatic brain injury.

One can have a Traumatic brain injury once a person gets his or her brain an injury caused by a heavy impact on our brain. In global incidence, there are over 939 cases to happen per 100,000 people; thus, 69.0 million people around the globe could get traumatic brain injury. Some people can go back to their daily lives after suffering from it while others may last longer an may lead to lifelong impairment. But, you don’t have to worry. Don’t let it hinder us in attaining a fulfilling life.
The following might help you have a fulfilling life despite TBI.
First, you have to heal your wounds emotionally. People suffering from this case mourn for the life they had before. Spend time for this process an acceptance will follow. Second, you have to know your injury and symptoms thoroughly. With that, you’ll be able to know your weakness or limitations. Third, you need to get funds to be spend for the care you need. Having this injury can be very costly since aside from medical bills, you also need to see some physician and attend therapies. You should make the person responsible to pay it for you. You can seek help to lawyers regarding the personal injury lawsuit process. Fourth, you can try a brain exercise. You can use it to improve the skills you have lost. Fifth, modify your favorite activities. TBI patients tend to lose their favorite activities or hobbies. You can find modifications that will allow you to enjoy it again but in a limited manner. Next, creating a system to stay organize is the sixth way. Using labels, sticky notes, planner, or your phone can help you stay organize. Seventh, seeing a therapist might help you. TBI patients would most likely suffer PSTD after the incidence plus the emotional tension that they got. A therapist may help you out cope up with the injury quickly. Lastly, the eight spot is to share the workload. You shouldn’t do a lot or overwork for it may slow your healing.

The injury may make us felt helpless an pity. The things above can be significant to you if you’re one of those TBI who’s determined to live the life as what they wanted it to be.