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3 Careers For Extremely Organized People

Some people are naturally efficient and organized. They have to-do lists and charts, they’re great at problem-solving, and whether they’re planning a wedding or a trip to the supermarket, they get things done. If this sounds like you, why not get paid for your talents? Here are three roles where this skill is highly prized.

Support Coordinator

Support Coordinator jobs are ideal for anyone wanting to make a difference in the lives of people living with disabilities. Their role is to create and implement a support and service plan for their client, and provide ongoing assistance and advice on all aspects of disability support, including benefits and financial and legal considerations. They have to think smart in a fast-moving environment, and will often have multiple clients to support. To become a Support Coordinator, you need a bachelor’s degree in any subject, a clean criminal record, and experience working with people with disabilities.

Project Manager

Project Managers are given a brief by their clients, and they’re then responsible for pulling together the individual functions to deliver it. They have to plan for risks, budget, timelines and contingencies, and they coordinate team sizes that can range from hundreds of people to just two or three. They also need to be excellent communicators, and enthusiastic and passionate about what they do to bring people on board. While anyone can be a Project Manager, there are industry-specific certifications you can take that will help you progress further.

Personal Secretary

If you have an aptitude for organizing other people, a personal secretary role could be for you. Both individuals and large corporations hire personal secretaries, and they may work for one person or several. A personal secretary is in charge of their employer’s calendar, meeting schedule, and correspondence. It’s a flexible role and depending on their experience, they may also get involved in making travel arrangements, event planning or office management.


Put your expertise to good use. Many employers need organized people within their team, and plenty of businesses pay well for such a valuable skill set.